Monday, November 2, 2009

Herbstparty, 30. Oktober 2009

Friday the 30th of October was the Herbstparty for all students at Dr. Guenther's house! We celebrated with a fine assortment of yummy foods, including:

  • homemade Käsekuchen
  • many different sorts of breads and cheeses
  • pumpkin soup complete with Kürbiskernöl (Pumpkinseed oil) and a dash of dill
Some students dressed up for the party, but fun was had by all--after sampling the smorgasbord, a group of students played a few party games, like charades and the "Name that celebrity" game, where a paper bearing a famous person's me is tacked to the back of a handful of players and they must ask yes or no questions to figure out whose name is written on the paper. "Celebrities" included Maria Theresia, die Marquise von O., and Ben Metz (another student in the program).

And there was also some lovely music provided by Rebecca, Dylan, and anyone else who wanted to sing along.
A wonderful autumnal evening--and Dr. Guenther insisted we take all that was leftover, so most folks even came away with a few extra snacks for the next few days!

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