Sunday, June 27, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

It's unbelievable how fast time flies. Strange to say, but our year in Salzburg is sadly coming to an end. But what a great year it was! We've made new friends, improved our German, traveled to countries we've never seen before, and simply enjoyed getting to know the city of Salzburg. With the 1000 year old Festung, the beautiful mountains, and the river dividing the city, I think its safe to say that we have all fallen a little bit in love with our home for the past year. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to do many fun things in Salzburg this year, including going to the salt mines, having picnics on the banks of the Salzach River, hiking up Gaisberg and Untersberg, seeing historical sights such as Mauthausen and Eagles Nest, and attending a variety of plays and operas. We also had the opportunity to travel together to Vienna in October, and, just recently, to Berlin in May. I think the most important thing, however, was getting to experience a completely different culture than what we are used to at home. Although there were definitely some challenges, such as getting used to the Austrian dialect and having stores closed on Sundays, we all acclimated to the changes and are getting very sad to leave Salzburg. All in all, it was a great year--one we will never forget!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Salzburg hat endlich warmes Wetter, und die Studenten sind sehr froh! Weil es das Ende des Semesters ist, muessen wir Hausaufgabe machen und viel lernen, aber wir haben noch Zeit, Salzburg zu geniessen. Am 29. Mai, sind manche Studenten nach Mauthausen gefahren, um die Konzentrationslager zu sehen. Am 1. Juni, haben einige Studenten Nestroys "Lumpazivagabundus" im Landestheater gesehen. Alle haben es sehr lustig gefunden! Und am Freitag, haben wir ein Picknick an der Salzach gehabt, weil der Tag so schoen war. Time is flying by!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This past weekend, we all travelled to Berlin together! We arrived Friday night, just in time for Berlin's big Strassenfest, or street festival. After sampling some currywurst, we walked around and looked at the different goods the booths had to offer. It was a great time!
Saturday morning we took a boat tour down the Spree River, and saw the various buildings of Berlin. Afterwards, we walked around the city, stopping at the Brandenburger Tor for photo ops. In the afternoon, we split up, some of us exploring the different museums on the Museum Insel and some of us exploring the different animals at the Berlin Zoo!

Sunday, a group of us stopped by the Judisches Musuem, which was an interesting but sobering experience. We also stopped by Checkpoint Charlie, which was the entryway into the American section of Berlin after World War II. The flags of the four allied powers still hang there today!

On Monday, our last day, we got a tour of the Parliament Building! We were able to walk up in the giant dome that is on top of the building, which gave us amazing views of the city. Berlin truly was a fun experience for everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Die Bowling Green Studenten reisen am Freitag nach Berlin! Wir besuchen den Berliner Dom, die Museuminsel, die Reichstagsgebauede, das Theater, und mehr! Wir freuen uns, die Stadt zu sehen!

Pictures and stories from the trip to come next week!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today, May 1st, is a very important day in Austria! It is Austria's Labor Day, and there are many festivities throughout the country. The Bowling Green students celebrated Maifest by going to the events at the Freilichtmuseum. It is a tradition on May 1st to put a Maibaum, or May tree/May pole, in the ground. It took about 30 men in lederhosen 2 hours to get the giant tree all the way up! The tree looked to be about 70 feet tall, and had three wreaths circling around it. Once the tree was in the ground, people tried to climb up it, in order to get the prizes (pretzels in this case) that were hanging from the wreaths. The higher you can climb, the higher the honor! It was very fun for all of us to experience such an interesting Austrian tradition!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wir fangen wieder an...

Nach zwei Wochen Osterferien, fangen wir wieder an! Die Studenten haben die Ferien genossen! Einige Studenten waren am Reisen--Griechenland, London, Wien, Berlin, Polen, Italien, Deutschland, usw. Aber jetzt muessen wir wieder lernen...
Ausserdem warten wir auf Fruehling in Salzburg! Es gibt jetzt nur Regen und kaltes Wetter..kein Spass! Vielliecht naechste Woche?

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Glueck Auf!

Am Samstag, 20. Maerz, haben die AYA Studenten Salzbergwerk Duernberg (Hallein Salt Mines) besucht. Die Hallein Salt Mines wurde vor ueber 2,500 Jahren von den Kelten Salz aufgebaut! Die Studenten haben auch ueber Fuersterzbischof Wolf Dietrich gelernt, der die barocke Residenzstadt Salzburg aufgebaut hat, dank dem gro├čen Salzvorkommen. Es gibt zwei lange Bergmannsrutschen in dem Bergwerk, und die Studenten haben diese Bergmannsrutschen genossen!

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