Thursday, May 27, 2010


This past weekend, we all travelled to Berlin together! We arrived Friday night, just in time for Berlin's big Strassenfest, or street festival. After sampling some currywurst, we walked around and looked at the different goods the booths had to offer. It was a great time!
Saturday morning we took a boat tour down the Spree River, and saw the various buildings of Berlin. Afterwards, we walked around the city, stopping at the Brandenburger Tor for photo ops. In the afternoon, we split up, some of us exploring the different museums on the Museum Insel and some of us exploring the different animals at the Berlin Zoo!

Sunday, a group of us stopped by the Judisches Musuem, which was an interesting but sobering experience. We also stopped by Checkpoint Charlie, which was the entryway into the American section of Berlin after World War II. The flags of the four allied powers still hang there today!

On Monday, our last day, we got a tour of the Parliament Building! We were able to walk up in the giant dome that is on top of the building, which gave us amazing views of the city. Berlin truly was a fun experience for everyone!

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