Monday, November 23, 2009

Verfilmung in Salzburg!/Filming in Salzburg!

Above, part of the Linzer Gasse is closed for filming

This week Salzburg saw a bit of extra excitement--and not just because of the approaching Christmas/Advent season!

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz arrived early last week to begin filming part of their upcoming movie, Knight & Day. For the majority, filming simply means a trailer-filled Kaiserplatz, a few closed streets, and the mysterious appearance of lighting apparatuses all over the city. Some lucky residents could stumble upon Tom Cruise as he sauntered the Getreidegasse for a generous publicity tour. More tenacious fans haven't hesitated to pack slim alleyways or mill around cordoned off plazas to catch a glimpse of Cruise or Diaz.

Read more about the movie here.
For more about Cruise and Diaz's visit, click here:

(The blogger must admit she waited a few hours outside of the Festspielhaus for the chance to sight one of them, unfortunately starstruck. Success was small and a little anticlimactic--Diaz could be seen from a large distance through a window. More interesting: the amazingly coordinated efforts of the set crew, although they moved around the cars so many times, it seemed like they were doing it just to keep busy.)

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